The biggest problem we need to solve on Earth this century is sustainable production and consumption of energy. We think Elon is right. This is why we want to tackle a few of the underlying challenges.

From 2018 and onwards, on the utilities market, the end consumer deserves a transparent, clear and unbiased offer.
The middleman companies should evolve their business models to sustain this first statement.
We provide access to relevant data and machine learning to energy stakeholders looking for a sustainable future.

We believe in digital & creativity to solve the problems the world is facing today. We work anywhere we want. We communicate asynchronously. We do things like Superheroes.

Superheroes always get the job done
Superheroes are not flawless
Superheroes can do it by themselves but are more powerful in teams
Superheroes don’t seek glory but they get it anyway
Superheroes are the best at what they do
Superheroes never give up

We are Plunch. Nice to meet you.